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    Double roller brush + double side brush design and scrubbing and sweeping integration can not only deal with common small garbage on the ground, but also greatly reduce the probability of suction pipe blockage and the frequency of human intervention.

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    A variety of roller brushes and rubber configuration can meet the cleaning requirements of various types of hard ground.

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    Large capacity battery, clean water tank and sewage tank can extend the single operation time. Optional filtration function can greatly delay the single operation time.

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    Manual automatic integration, scrubbing, mopping, spraying all in one machine

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    The 360 environment perception is combined with a multi-modal perception fusion technology based on deep learning to provide accurate obstacle perception information for autonomous driving cleaning vehicles.

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    Fast, independent and efficient map construction, with very high adaptability in the high dynamic and variable scene

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    L4 level hybrid decision planning technology ensures that the robot can cope with all kinds of complex situations.

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    Innovative cleaning boundary identification technology combined with high-precision positioning and sensing technology can ensure that cleaning equipment can be used to edge to the limit to ensure the high coverage of equipment operations.

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    The original automatic cleaning boundary recognition and complete autonomous planning technology greatly reduce the deployment difficulty and realize zero-barrier use.

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    With collision detection, drop detection, skid detection and complete fault detection function and fault classification processing, the safety of equipment and personnel property can be assured.

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    Rich lamp language design, equipment status at a glance

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    Sound and light warning, active reminder and multiple autonomous driving safety strategies can ensure the safety of operation.

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