• How to deal with location failure and location loss?

    Reasons: Most cases are due to environmental changes.

    Measures: Reposition the vehicle at the actual location with obvious features in the map or reposition it at the navigation point.

  • How to deal with it if the rubber is stuck by the ground or speed bump and damaged?

    Reasons: The height and angle of water absorption change.

    Measures: replace the rubber, adjust the height and Angle of water absorption regularly (every week), keep observing during operation, and deal with problems in time.

  • How to deal with water leakage, water absorption not good enough and blockage?

    Reasons: the problem with suction angle, wind road blockage, vacuum suction becoming smaller


    1. Check and adjust the height and inclination of water absorption;

    2. Check whether the suction and suction water pipe is blocked (measure the vacuum suction);

    3. Check the sealability of the sewage tank.

  • How to deal with uneven water sprinkle and water leakage when stopping sprinkling?


    1. The sprinkler line is blocked;

    2. After stopping work, it is normal that some water stains will remain at the docking point;

    3. If there is a large area of water leakage, it is necessary to check the sprinkler solenoid valve and ball valve. If the water quality is poor, it's easy to cause the ball valve closure, resulting in water leakage.

    Measures: Use manual operation mode, only open the sprinkling function, travel a distance and check whether the ground sprinkling is even; replace the sprinkler solenoid valve, check the sprinkler filter, and replace it if it is dirty.

  • How to deal with it if sewage time is too long, not clean and blocked?


    1. Because the inside of the sewage tank is vacuum, when draining, the water tank cover needs opening. The manual drainage pipe of the sewage tank is easy to accumulate sediment, so the less water it remains, the less pressure it has.

    2. If the sediment is too much and the accumulation is serious, it is easy to cause blockage.

    Measures: open the lid of the sewage tank when draining clean the sewage filter box in the sewage tank every time when discharging sewage, clean the inside of the sewage tank every day, and discharge the sediment in time.

  • How to deal with it if sewage tank water level meter is not accurate?

    Reasons: The sewage tank is dirty and impurities in the water are easy to attach to the digital meter and easy to make the water level meter float ball stuck, resulting in inaccurate water level meter.

    Measures: Emptying the sewage tank before each operation has little impact on the use of vehicles (140L water tank, 170L sewage tank), and the water level meter can be removed when it is not accurate.

  • How to deal with the anti-collision switch damage or false alarm?

    Reasons: The anti-collision strip adopts air pressure collision sensor. When the pressure in the pipeline is too high, false alarm is possible.

    Measures: Use the toothpick or other fine items to exhaust the soft rubber in the anti-collision strip.

  • What if the outdoor cleaning is not clean?

    Reasons: excessive wear of the main brush or excessive height of the main brush (less on the ground)

    Measures: If the main brush is excessively worn, replace the main brush. If the main brush height is too high, adjust the main brush swing arm and reduce the height of the main brush (increase the landing area).

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