How to use floor scrubber machine?Key Points Buyers Need to Know


With the popularity of smart floor scrubber machine, smart floor scrubber machines have become a must-have artifact for many companies. It is especially important for those professionals responsible for procurement to understand how to use these devices effectively. This article will delve into the use of smart floor scrubber machines to help buyers make more informed decisions during the selection and use process.

How to use floor scrubber machine?Key Points Buyers Need to Know

1.Basic operation of smart floor scrubber machine

First-time settings

Before using your smart floor scrubber machine for the first time, make sure to read the device's user manual carefully. Usually, the following steps are required for first-time use:

● Charging: Most smart floor scrubber machines have a low battery when leaving the factory. It is recommended to fully charge before cleaning for the first time. VIGGO's smart floor scrubber machine has a fast charging function, which can be fully charged in 50 minutes at the fastest and can clean 4,000 square meters in a single time without charging.

● Wi-Fi connection: Modern smart floor scrubber machines usually support Wi-Fi connection, ensuring that the device is connected to mobile devices and can be controlled through mobile applications to achieve intelligence.

● Area division: Set cleaning areas and restricted areas through the app to ensure that the sweeper does not stray into areas that do not need to be cleaned.

2. Common functions and usage tips

● Automatic cleaning and scheduled cleaning

Smart floor scrubber machines usually have automatic cleaning and scheduled cleaning functions. In automatic cleaning mode, the device will automatically plan a cleaning route after startup. The scheduled cleaning function allows users to set a specific cleaning time so that the sweeper automatically starts cleaning within the specified time.

● Cleaning mode selection

Smart floor scrubber machines usually provide multiple cleaning modes according to different materials and cleaning needs of the floor. For example, VIGGO's smart floor scrubber machine has three modes: sweeping, washing, and sinking. Purchasers should choose the appropriate cleaning mode according to the actual use environment to achieve the best cleaning effect.

● Cleaning path planning

Modern smart floor scrubber machines are equipped with advanced navigation systems that can intelligently plan cleaning paths. Through the application, users can view the cleaning path map, understand the work progress of the equipment, and adjust the cleaning strategy at any time.

For buyers of smart floor scrubber machines, it is crucial to master the use and maintenance skills of the equipment. Through reasonable use and regular maintenance, the smart floor scrubber machine can not only significantly improve cleaning efficiency but also extend the service life of the equipment. We hope this guide can provide buyers with valuable information to facilitate unmanned automated cleaning. If you have more questions about the smart floor scrubber machine, please feel free to contact VIGGO's customer service team.

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