Do Robot Cleaners Work on Carpet?


With the rapid advancements in technology, clean are becoming increasingly automated. One such innovation is the robot carpet washer, designed to simplify our lives by handling the often tedious task of cleaning floors. But a common question arises: do these robot cleaners work effectively on carpets?

The Rise of Robot Carpet Washers

Robot cleaners have come a long way since their inception. Initially, they were best suited for hard surfaces, often needing help with the complexity and texture of carpets. However, modern robot cleaners have evolved significantly. Brands like iRobot Roomba, Roborock, and our very own VIGGO have developed models that can tackle a variety of floor types, including carpets, with impressive efficiency.

How Effective Are Robot Cleaners on Carpets?

The effectiveness of robot cleaners on carpets depends largely on their design and features. Key factors include suction power, brush design, and navigation technology.

Suction Power: Carpets, especially high-pile ones, trap dust, dirt, and allergens deep within their fibers. High suction power is crucial for extracting this debris. Models like the VIGGO robot carpet washer boast powerful suction, ensuring that even deeply embedded dirt is effectively removed.

Brush Design: The type and arrangement of brushes are critical. Robot cleaners designed for carpets typically feature rotating brushes that agitate carpet fibers, loosening dirt for the vacuum to collect. VIGGO's advanced brush system is tailored to handle both carpets and hard floors, providing thorough cleaning without damaging delicate surfaces.

Navigation and Sensors: Advanced navigation systems allow robot carpet washers to map your home and navigate efficiently, avoiding obstacles and ensuring comprehensive coverage. VIGGO's automation technology ensures that the cleaner adapts to different floor types seamlessly, making transitions from carpet to hard floors without missing a beat.

The Importance of Robot Carpet Washers

Robot carpet washers, such as those offered by VIGGO, go a step beyond vacuuming. They provide deep cleaning through a combination of water, cleaning solution, and scrubbing action. This is particularly beneficial for carpets, which can harbor not just dirt but also stains and odors.

A study by the Carpet and Rug Institute highlights that carpets can hold up to four times their weight in dirt and allergens. Regular deep cleaning is essential to maintain a healthy indoor environment. Robot carpet washers ensure that this task is done consistently and effectively without the need for manual intervention.

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